Project Three

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Paris for a week now. The thought of last Tuesday seems like so long ago, but the reality of a week feels more like a few days. It’s been such a privilege to be welcomed into the homes of amazing photographers. I find it much more intimate and special to experience the artist and their work simultaneously. I’ve especially enjoyed witnessing the connection between the photographers and their wives. It inspired me to focus on the elder generation in Paris for my concept. I’ve found their generation to be quite different than the elder generation in America. Their vivacity and sense of style seems almost unparalleled to the same generation back home.


Jim Casper and his wife Millie Cashdollar (who has just as much charisma as her name) were a perfect start to our Paris lecture series. We spent a lot of time talking about spectacle photography versus activist photography and Jim’s online magazine LensCulture. We learned plenty about photo communication, but I think most of us were more interested in Jim & Millie themselves. When we found out that we were going to a lecture, none of us expected to enter an apartment with more photography books than the campus library and a surround sound system blasting The Who. Or, to hear about how tired Jim was after dancing till 3 in the morning. My only regret is that I was so captivated by their personalities that I failed to capture those moments. I guess that’s the small price to pay for living in the moment instead of staring into my viewfinder.



As the week continued, we gained photography tips and words of wisdom from Phillippe Vermés, his wife, Nancy and Gilles Perrin with his wife, Nicole. Both couples had such eclectic homes and unique lifestyles. It was great to experience them. They made this week’s project so enjoyable for me.







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