Below are the guidelines for the class blog. Read through them as one of you will be blogging on day one. 

We will start blogging on the first day of the program (June 30). Each of you will have assigned days based on your last name and corresponding number. Number one goes first, followed by number two, etc. Below are your names and numbers. Please let me know if you want to go by a nickname during the program.

  1. Kristen Brito
  2. Marisol Dorantes
  3. Erin Hampton
  4. Olivia Hill
  5. Brittany Holmes
  6. Sarah Hundt
  7. Elizabeth Izzo
  8. Carra Oteto
  9. Andrea Raby
  10. Dylan Sowle
  11. Kaitlyn Stiefel
  12. Amber Taylor
  13. Gabrielle Wickens
  14. Amanda Ziotek

Guidelines for the PhotoComm blog:
The blog is for the program. It is open to parents, friends, faculty, staff, administrators and anyone who wants to follow us on our course. You are speaking for the group when you blog the day’s activities. Use the royal “we.” Remember, blogs may contain photos, video, audio and graphics as well as words.

1. Use appropriate language
2. Discuss the speaker, session, activity in enough detail to let the readers know what we learned from the experience. Include multi-media.
3. Find at least one student in the group to copyedit your work before it is published. Avoid grammar, spelling and factual mistakes.
4. Post the blog by midnight of the same day (or at least before I look at the web site in the morning).

How to create a post entry:
1. Log in to the blog using your wordpress name and password.
2. Go to the “Dashboard” of the 2013 Photo Communication blog.
3. Click on “posts” in the left margin.
4. Click on “add new.”
5. Add a title in the title bar.
6. Write or copy/paste your content in the large content area.
Note you may upload/insert media with the icons above the content area. You may also use the icon buttons at the top of the content box to add formatting, links and color.
7. Choices on the right allow for page format and category selections. Assign a “category(s)” to your blog by identifying it as activities, photos, speakers or general information.
8. When ready, click “publish”
Have your copy editor read/review your site before or at this step. Make sure you do not have grammar, spelling or factual mistakes. Make sure you haven’t said anything that is inappropriate for a wide audience to read or see.
9. A line of copy will automatically appear under your title that includes a date and the name of the person who posted the entry. If possible, please edit your name in your original blog so that it is recognizable on our blog.

from Prof. Bossen and Greene

Instructions from Darcy Greene,

The class blog, is created in WordPress. In order to be a user on the class blog, you must set up a WordPress account.

A. If you have an account already, please send me the email address for the account. I will invite you to be an author on the class blog.

B. If you do not have an account, please follow the directions below.

1. Go to and click on the sign up button.

2. Fill out the form with usernamepasswordemail addressagree to terms and click next. Pick a user name that is identifiable to the group as that will be the name used in the authors listing.

3. Pick a “Blog Domain” for your blog. The default is your You may pick anything but make it easy to remember. It cannot be changed later. You will also pick a blog title that can be changed anytime. Select language (English) and privacy (default open to search engines). Click on signup.

4. Check your email for activation instructions. You will be asked to click a link to activate your blog.

5. You will then get another mail saying your account is now active showing your user name and password (****) code. You may then View your site and/or Login.

Don’t worry about your personal site at this time unless you want to learn WordPress and start blogging on your own. I can help you with your personal site later if you wish.

7. Now that you have an account, please send me the email address for the account. I will invite you to be an author on the class blog.