Adventure Time

Well, it’s about the end of the line, and this is where we all make sappy blog posts and say cute things that our parents will love to read. But I don’t think we do that because we’re supposed to; I think we do it because this really was one of the most unique and amazing experiences that any of us have ever had. And it’s really hard to sum up this past month into a couple paragraphs. Of course I’m looking forward to telling everyone who will listen about my trip, but I’ll never really be able to tell you about the way it felt. This has been the best time ever.

My grandma has been getting really sentimental and telling me that this will be the time of my life and that I’ll be making memories that I’ll look back fondly on. And I knew I’d have fun, but I didn’t really take that very seriously back in June. It’s incredible how much can change in a month. I can’t tell if it feels like the shortest or the longest month of my life. But Prague feels like forever ago, and everything has just gotten more and more exciting since then.

Now for me and a few other people, it’s time to head off to one more stop on our adventure, as we travel to Rome. It’s simultaneously exciting and sad, because leaving everyone else feels so unnatural at this point. All we’ve been able to talk about today is how there’s no way it can be our last day as a group. But things don’t really end, and the adventures will continue, and I know that my life is better because of the people on this trip and everything we’ve done together. There’s a lot more fun to be had. Cheers.


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