The Final GoodBye

Today, the final day in London, the final day of the Photo Communication study abroad. It’s very bittersweet for all of us. The day began with critique for our final projects which were very open to whatever we chose to do.

After we had a farewell lunch at Santore Italiano, where we all ate delicious Italian style pizza, then said our farewells to the Bossens family who took care of us for the past 2 weeks.

The Restaurant we ate our farewell lunch at today.

The Restaurant we ate our farewell lunch at today.

The rest of the day, I went with Sarah to see where Harry Potter filmed and then after we went to Primark to do some minor shopping. After doing some shopping, we returned back to the apartments to pack for our early returns home tomorrow. Most of us return home as others continue the journey around Europe, going to Rome and Spain.

London was a very large and beautiful city, the weather, the people and the food was remarkable.

These past 5 weeks have been stored in a special place in my memories, the friendships I’ve made shall continue at MSU, and the next journey will be just as wonderful.

Th group

Th group enjoying Pizza.

A group photo.

A group photo.

My favorite memories from the trip include the times we all enjoyed together going to local restaurants and photo exhibits. I must say, studying abroad has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I am very thankful I came along.


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