The end is only the beginning

It’s the last night of an incredible adventure so naturally the dream-like memory of the five weeks is setting in. The five weeks have moved like the speed of light but our photographic progress and relationships seem like the only evidence that this experience was a reality.

During our final critique today the culmination of our hard work was evident. The projects had depth and complex thought behind them, even photographs of the same subject were unique from photographer to photographer. More remarkable than the work was the valuable critique that came from my peers. The thought provoking comments from trained eyes were night and day compared to our first critique.

As the discussions developed there was an invaluable element that enriched the critique and the entire trip. Our level of comfort and care for each other is that of long time friends. Sorry to get so “Hallmark cards” about this but it’s inevitable that after living in close quarters with a small group strong bonds form.

Since I graduated in May, I am especially sorry that I didn’t meet this group of talented and incredible people before yet even more thankful that I had the chance to before the end of my undergraduate career.




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