Exploring Alone

Graffiti in Shoreditch.

Graffiti in Shoreditch.

It’s strange living a daily routine that involves spending most of your waking hours with 13 or more of the same people for over a month. Actually, at this point it’s kind of strange to think about it any other way. On this trip, we have become such a huge part of each other’s everyday life. But really, it’s abnormal to spend so much time with so many people on such a regular basis. It actually makes spending time alone a bit strange.

But that’s what I did for a good part of today; I spent time by myself. I slept in, then went to get food by myself. After class I grabbed my iPod and camera and took the tube to Shoreditch to take more photos. And it was really relaxing. There’s a great sensation when you feel that you can blend into a big, foreign city and just act like it’s your normal life. When we’re in a giant group, it’s obvious that we’re tourists or students on a trip. But by yourself, you can sort of just slip through and observe. It’s nice taking time to just do normal things like walk around and listen to music, instead of running across the city to pack in everything we can before we have to leave.

I’ve thought about how weird it will be when I go back home and I’m not living with 13 of my friends any more. Over here there’s always someone around to go out with, or grab lunch with, or just talk to. I can’t quite remember what it’s like not to have a dozen housemates.

And most of the time I want to spend my days seeking out adventures with my new group of friends. But some days, like today, I just want to get lost in the city.


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