Discovering Camden

The guidelines for our project in London turned out to be very broad—make the project a narrative and make it involve London. Sounds easy, right? At the beginning of our time here I was completely overwhelmed with the possibilities. London is such a big place with so much culture, I had no idea how to tackle any one subject. Eventually, though, I made my way to Camden.

The main street that runs through the Camden markets

The main street that runs through the Camden markets

Camden is a area on the north side of London. It’s famous for its markets, which encompass the entire town. There are stalls, shops, restaurants and a canal that runs through the entire thing. I was instantly taken by not only the diversity of the town, but the diversity of the culture within it. Camden attracts everyone from goths to punks to teenage girls to tourists. There’s so much to offer that everyone is bound to find something they like.

In the end I was so glad that I found Camden. I shot my entire project there because I was so fascinated by diversity. Everything I saw (except the repetitive London tourist trinkets) was unique to this area of London. There were even people selling fresh coconut milk, which is something that I’ve never seen before, and something that I would never expect in the middle of London.

Some sort of pavilion inside the Camden markets

Some sort of pavilion inside the Camden markets

I think my discovery of Camden made me realize the beauty of this trip. Not only have we gotten to experience these cities in the ways that every other tourist does, but we also got to go deep into the cultural areas and explore them through a lens. Something different shows itself when I look at something through my camera—I see the area or the person as what they are in their most basic element. We’ve gotten to see the true parts of these famous cities that most other tourists will never see. So even though sometimes we’ve felt like we can’t see everything there is to see because we have to work on our projects, I’m glad we got too see places like Camden, because those are the places that make each city so wonderful.


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