Critique, Pizza , and Packing… Goodbye!

Today started out with us hurrying to Regent’s College for our final critique!  We left late, the gate wasn’t working, but we still managed to get breakfast before class! Marketa joined us again today and gave us feedback once again! I love hearing what she has to say and she has the best stories.  The only complaint is that I never know when I need to start writing down what she’s saying and by the time I think about it, I begin to forget what she had said already!


Marketa visited us for our last two days in London and participated in our morning critique.

After critique was over we headed down to the cafeteria for the last time to spend as much of our cards as possible.  We bought snack foods and drinks to hopefully last us on our plane rides and whatnot in the morning.  I ended up having around 20 pounds left on my card.  I wish we could have used them in the gift shop – then it would’ve been gone!  We headed off to lunch at that point.


Our final group lunch consisting of pizza, pizza, and more pizza.


After finishing our huge personal pizzas we said farewell to Howard and Kathy and went our separate ways.  Some people went back to Abbey Road to take pictures, packed, went shopping at Brick Lane, while Carra and I went to another tourist spot…


Can you guess what tourist spot lurks behind these walls?

Platform 9 3/4!!! Did you guess right?? Interesting fact: the cart is not between platforms 9 and 10 anymore because it was causing to much delay for the actual trains by having so many people on the platforms.  It’s just out in the main hall area and we would’ve passed by it had there not been a line of red shirted Canadians!  You can tell that the two people working there definitely love their job (Alfie and Maddy).  Alfie was what I would call the “scarf flipper” and greater of the team.  He became best friends with a mom from New Jersey and was even trying to talk with a Jersey accent.  When I got to the head of the line he was whistling a song and quickly asked me what song it was.  I quickly shot back – “Hedwig’s Theme.”  He said, “Good. Someone earlier said Lord of the Rings…” I thought it was funny that he asked me about that particular song since that was one of the first songs I learned how to play in my junior high marimba lessons.After missing out on the Harry Potter studios I’m so glad that Carra tagged along with me to find this place!  Thank you, Carra!!


Photograph by Carra, pre-scarf flip.

After this we headed off to Primark for the last time, I bought a couple more things, we got separated for a bit (I mean what do you expect in a 4 story store?) met back up and headed home.  Overall, it was a good, somewhat relaxing last day.  I wish we had more time here to explore, but it just wasn’t in the cards, I guess.  We’ll just have to come back sometime in the future.  So here’s hoping to safe travels tomorrow – whether it be back home to the states or to Italy.  I’m grateful for this opportunity I was given and the experiences we have all had together.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  Thank you everyone, for a wonderful trip!


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