Give Rise to or Cause

As fortunate as we have been to adventure through some of the most recognized cosmopolitan cities in Europe, I must admit that the some of the most revivifying experiences have been far from urbanite.

The Natural History Museum in London is a proud host to the world premiere of Sebastiao Salgado’s Genesis, a documentary photographer whose work explores and documents the diversity of our earth. We first walked through Planet South, observing water trickle down the tails of southern right whales in Argentina and gazing into the river valleys of the Brooks Range in the Arctic. We continued through Sanctuaries, Africa, Amazonia and Pantanal and Northern Spaces. Essentially, I trekked through Brazil, Indonesia, Rwanda, Sudan, and Ethiopia in under an hour. We were given the chance to experience a glimpse of Selgado’s connection with the origin and ceaseless formation of our planet and instantaneously we found our own relationship with our environment. We all understand that we are responsible for the care of our planet, but do we actually have the desire and knowledge to protect it? My responsibility has met desire and empowerment in Genesis. Desire, it is a pleasure to meet you. Earth, you magnificent creation, I promise to protect you.

And then we have Stonehenge, an ancient creation surrounded by mystery. With so many questions left unanswered, it is undeniable that this site on the Wiltshire countryside is remarkable.

Exploring the grounds of Lacock abbey and village offered us a true taste of the past. We looked through the famous window where William Henry Fox Talbot created the first negative photograph, marveled at the cloisters and antique furnished rooms, and were arguably the most thrilled to walk the hallways Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint once walked through in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Before leaving this small but rich with history town, we watched the afternoon sunlight shine through the stained glass of the Salisbury Cathedral. History, you are sacred to me, and I promise to protect you too.

Stonehenge on the countryside.


Medieval furniture, I will own you someday.


Reflecting in a reflection.


To light a candle for someone.


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