Joining the Abbey

Today started off with a lovely 3 am wake up time for our Stonehenge day trip. We were all to meet in our lobby of the hostel at 3:45 am to wait for the coach which was to come at precisely 4 am. After a miscommunication in meeting places we were on our way to Stonehenge, only a two hour drive from London. After nothing but cows, goats and grass we got our first glimpse of Stonehenge right off the highway. The temperature was chilly and blissful compared to our hot days in Paris. After arriving and having the security guard explain what we can do (which is nothing) we were able head up to the stones. Our time in the stones was from 6:15-7:15, the lighting was perfect. 1200 pictures later it was time to say our goodbyes and head to Salisbury. Salisbury is a quaint little town which has a lot of shopping and one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. Originally we thought we wouldn’t be able to enter in the cathedral due to Sunday mass, but it was open to visitors. The first thing you notice when entering the cathedral is there are tombs within the floors and tombs along the isles. Also one of the oldest clocks in the world is available for viewing to all. The church left a few of us with an erie feeling and we left to explore some of the town. We only had an hour to explore, which allowed us to find tons of cute homes. Our next stop of the day was Lacock Village, about an hour away from Salisbury. There are many small shops and the main building in the village is the Abbey. Inside the Abbey there were spots where two of the Harry Potter movies had scenes shot. Once we were done with the Abbey tour we went to a local restaurant and had a Sunday British meal that was amazing.  We were all hobbling back to the bus and pretty much everyone passed out from exhaustion. A quick hour drive later and we were back in London. Everyone was exhausted from the day’s activities, some of us napped and others powered through. The day ended with a trip to Nando’s (my new favorite restaurant) for a few of us and a date with our pillows. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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