Busy like a bee.

After some false starts to this morning and leaving late, we made it 3 minutes before our scheduled Stonehenge time (6:15A) – PHEW!!!  One of the security guards told us the rules: basically do nothing but take pictures and breathe.  It had rained a few hours before so some of the stones had pools in them and the grass was still dewy and damp.  I can’t imagine being in a bigger study abroad group – especially in this instance – even though then we wouldn’t have had this opportunity.  Even with just the sixteen of us we get in each other’s way of our shots without meaning to.  While that aspect is always difficult no matter where we go – this opportunity was amazing and walking amongst and outside the stones was so surreal!  Although they are smaller than I thought they would be!  The hour we were there for went by so fast!  Hopefully I have some keepers among all the photographs taken today!

Following Stonehenge we ate more of our breakfast food and headed to Salisbury to walk around the Cathedral.  Luckily we were able to go in – we just had to be quiet because a service was going on.  It was a small one though and I don’t know if it was because it was early or what because there were only ten or so people there.  Also inside was the world’s oldest clock.  Unfortunately, cameras weren’t allowed inside so I couldn’t take a picture of it, but it was a wheel and pulley system.  For such a big cathedral it was a cute little town.  After this we headed off to Lacock.

Lacock is known for its Abbey and it was beautiful.


Lavender was planted around the Abbey and it smelled wonderful.


Some parts of a movie was filmed here, as well – can you guess what movie it was??

On one side of the Abbey was a field of sheep and in another a lady walked with her two sheep dogs.  It was such a peaceful scene.  All around was the sound of British English which always makes me happy.  That is, until it’s directed in a scolding manner that isn’t necessary.  After a situation regarding my backpack and an Abbey worker that made me take it off and carry it around, I was just glad to get back outside.


Lacock Abbey grounds: this stump had steps carved into its side.


Lacock Abbey grounds: I definitely sat on this stump for awhile – how could I resist?

I don’t think the others in the group explored to this side of the Abbey where there was a pond and several amazing old trees.   I wandered around the grounds and town streets for awhile before meeting back with the group at Sign of the Angel where we had a traditional English lunch.  I had the “Traditional Roast Pork with Sage & Apricot Stuffing and Apple Sauce” and “Meringue with Cheddar Strawberries and Clotted Cream” for dessert!  Thank you Howard and Kathy for a delicious lunch!


We were all so tired that everyone slept on the way back to London. It took us 2+ hours to get back because of traffic – I felt bad for our driver who was supposed to be done for the day well before then.  Here’s to a busy busy day!  It was a good one!


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