A Space Oddity in London

The poster for the "David Bowie is" exhibit

The poster for the “David Bowie is” exhibit

Before we arrived in London, Howard had warned us that at the V & A Museum had some interesting exhibits besides the photography we were scheduled to see. One of those was an exhibit on 80’s fashion, and another was an exhibit on David Bowie. Some people were excited about the fashion, but Dylan and I jumped at the chance to see an entire exhibit committed to David Bowie. It only took 3 trips to the museum, 1 hour of standing in line and 14 pounds to get in, but this morning we finally did it.

The exhibit was titled “David Bowie is” and the rest of the sentence was filled in with various phrases. On the outside of the exhibit it seemed silly, but on the inside it was a colorful way to describe David Bowie’s ascent to a cultural legend. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos in the exhibit, because some of the things we saw were amazing.

The entrance where we got our headset for the exhibit

The entrance where we got our headset for the exhibit

Through the show, I came to know more about David Bowie than I even knew was possible. We saw everything from Bowie’s costumes, original song lyrics, interviews with close friends and video of concerts. I also learn a lot about Bowie’s creative influences, such as Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange and George Orwell’s 1984. I learned a lot more about Bowie as a person too—that he started out playing the saxophone and that later on he became friends with people like Andy Warhol, William Burroughs and Iggy Pop.  Plus, Bowie’s music was playing the entire time.

The "David Bowie is" caption on the snack bar

The “David Bowie is” caption on the snack bar

It might just be because I’m a Bowie fan, but this exhibit was one of the most interesting exhibits I’ve seen on this trip. Even though we waited a long time to get in, a chance to venture into David Bowie’s past was well worth the wait.


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