A Rainy Day in London

After a glorious morning in which most of us enjoyed sleeping in, we took the tube to explore the city. We jumped on one of the famous red double decker buses to make our way to Buckingham Palace. We didn’t get off at the right spot, but that was okay, because it gave us more time to explore. I was surprised at how many parks were in the area. It was very refreshing to find so much open space in such a big city. It was sprinkling rain for quite a while, but it was such a small amount that it was actually quite enjoyable. The weather here is so nice compared to the heat we were experiencing in Paris. We saw Big Ben and the Parliament building, then headed to Westminster Abbey. It was closed for the day, but it was still quite impressive from the outside. After that we found ourselves in a massive park, where we stopped for a few minutes to eat ice cream. Then we walked to Buckingham Palace. It was strange, because it didn’t seem quite as big as I had imagined. However, it was still wildly impressive to stand in front of such a historic building. We hung out there for a bit, then headed back through another massive park to get back to the tube. It started to rain just as we walked back to our apartments, and kept on raining throughout the night, so we decided to relax, eat some junk food, and enjoy a quiet night in. It was truly another lovely day in London.

Big Ben

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey


Buckingham Palace


Andrea and I on our way to steal the royal baby.


Sarah, Dylan, Elizabeth, and Andrea on the statue outside of Buckingham Palace





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