First Day as Londoners

Today, we started out the day with everyone’s very first tube ride! We took the tube to the V&A The National Museum of Art and Design. When we got there we were met by Martin Barnes who has been a curator for the photography at the V&A for 18 years now. The V&A was the first museum to start a photography collection and the first museum to have a photography exhibition. Martin took us through “A History of Photography” which showed us the way photography has progressed. After talking to the group about it a little he split us into three groups, apples, pears and plums and had each group pick one photograph to dissect and tell him out thoughts as well as hearing his. ImageAfterward we broke for lunch and some people stayed and ate at the V&A while others wandered a bit and found other restaurants. We then all met back and went to the Natural History Museum and saw Sebastiao Salgado “Genesis.” Sebastiao’s work was amazing but unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures. “Genesis” was an extremely moving piece of work that was focused on places in the world that are still natural and help us see the impact we have on what’s around us. The exhibition started with photographs from Antarctica and moved along though many places like Indonesia, Africa, Brazil and many more. The body of work he created could take many people a life time because of how vast and diverse it was but he created this between 2004 and 2012. The exhibition included landscapes, animals and humans yet it all flowed and went together so well, it was truly amazing. It took me a little while to actually realize that the photographs were all black and white because of how much contrast they had and how vivid and captivating they were it wasn’t the thing that stood out to me but rather the content of it.

Tonight, we are going to enjoy our first Friday night in London all together.


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