Today, was the last of the days we know all too well…travel day. The dreaded early morning hikes with pounds of luggage accompanied by miscommunication and disorganization will not be missed. However, our arrival to London quickly made up for the morning. It also helped that we had a saint with us 🙂


We were all pleasantly surprised to be driven on the “wrong” side of the road and to hear the pleasant ring of British accents filling the air.

After orientation and some R&R, we decided to treat ourselves to a traditional British meal of fish and chips. I must say, a cod fillet has never tasted so good. Thanks to North Sea Fish, I’ll always have a back-up meal option waiting for me.



Also, Lizzie gets a special mention in this post for expanding her horizons and trying new food. So, kudos to Lizzie!


To end the night, a group of us found a decent spot to sit and enjoy our meals as dusk fell. I’ve only been in London for a short time, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the easy-going vibe of such a big city. So, excited to see what else this city has to offer! Cheers!



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