Because it’s London

Today marks the best day our our lives. Okay, so maybe I’m speaking more from my point of view, but nevertheless we are all in London. We woke up this morning in Paris and left with all our bags in tow to head for the train station to take the Eurostar. Upon our arrival we were exiting the taxi when we hear a sound all so familiar to us now: the sound of luggage being detonated. France apparently enjoys greeting us to every train station with a bang. We later saw when in line that there were some complications with an unknown package. We made it onto the Eurostar, and safely made it to London. (Side note: we need a fast train system in the United States of America)

We then were able to get to Regents University. It recently changed its name to Regents University, which is a really big deal because it is one of the few private universities to earn the title of “University” here. We had a wonderful orientation and received our cards that also has money on it for us to spend at Regents. After we ate and had a very informative orientation we were shown to our flats. These flats are absolutely amazing and lovely.


Some of the interesting buildings a few of us enjoyed today.

We all began settling in and traveling and treading lightly in our surrounding neighborhood. The London locals are so friendly. First of all, today while adventuring we witnessed the cutest thing. A little girl was giving a homeless man a Coca-Cola and some chocolate. He thanked her and asked her name. “Lily,” she said. He replied, “Thank you Lily, I really appreciate this. My name is Toby.” She smiled and said hello and they wished each other to have a pleasant day.

If that wasn’t enough, there are so many less cigarette smokers here, which is marvelous. While the group was getting Fish and Chips, which were delicious, I was sitting on a bench outside of the establishment. Soon after a gentleman comes and sits next to me and begins to roll a cigarette, so I waited a bit to stand up to leave when he then says, “no, you don’t have to leave.” I reply with, “It’s okay, I’m going to stand with my friends,” to which he quickly responds, “I’m not going to smoke it while you are eating.” I hadn’t quite heard right and asked, “what?” He said, “I’m not going to smoke this while you are eating, that would be rude.” I was so taken aback and pleasantly responded with, “well thank you anyway but enjoy!” He smiled and said, “thanks! Enjoy your trip.” It was the most pleasant exchange I have had with anyone on this trip and so considerate.


Food from the Fish and Chips restaurant we went to today.

Overall we are all pretty happy here. The weather was cool enough for pants, something that hasn’t happened yet on this trip, and we have air conditioning to boot. Here is to the most amazing last leg of the trip. Also, we are all literate again!


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