What They Mean By “You Win Some, You Lose Some”

Today was a very interesting day to say the least. I experienced many great moments indeed and I am sure that many of us could recall happy feelings, but there were also some moments that were not as sweet. The day started with a guest speaker by the name of Nigel Dickinson. His work was mostly documentary photography and it truly embodied every sense of the work “documentary”. His photos captivated the essence of controversial topics and told detailed stories of people’s lives. His images illustrated a message and elicited truth so that we as the spectators could question ourselves and ask “what role do I play in this issue?” This kind of question replayed in my head with every image and for that, I could say that Nigel’s work had the most impact on me thus far, not only as a photographer but as a human being in this world. Walking out of that presentation, I felt renewed and recharged.

Then, at 3 p.m., it was time to meet up at the museum…

It did not just rain on us, it poured. With our beloved cameras, we ran through the Luxembourg gardens in search for shelter and without much luck, not for ourselves, but for our fragile cameras. The rain was unmerciful and it roared with enormous droplets and cracking thunder. After 30 minutes, we were drenched, shivering, and physically drained when the rain finally became calm and permitted us to search for the Jeu de Paume. Once we arrived, I regretted that I had ever wished for air conditioning, but after a good pep talk with the group, we moved on to experience one of the most unique and moving exhibitions I have ever encountered. Lorna Simpson’s exhibition was excellent and focused on hair and how it can communicate ideas of identity in ways of gender, ethnicity, and humanity. It was astonishing how she communicated such deep ideas of identity without showing any faces. For this, I applauded her and was in awe of her work. Although we all walked through the exhibition freezing and soaking wet, I would say that we managed to “win some” in spite of our loss.

Just before the madness of the weather, I was able to catch some calm rainy shots, naive as to what would be come in my near future.


Just before the rain came pouring…

At the Luxembourg Gardens

At the Luxembourg Gardens


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