A Pleasant Monday in Paris

Last night was eventful for a lot of us—I went to the Eiffel Tower again, others went to the concerts—so this morning was a slow morning. Beginning at 9:30 we all had our individual critiques with Howard to check the progress of our projects. I know a lot of us got a lot of great feedback about the directions of our projects and the work we need to get done before our group critique on Wednesday. Sometimes it’s hard to go shoot for our projects when the Parisian sights are calling our names, but now it’s crunch time for a lot of us and shooting is a priority. We should do some studying on our study abroad.

Howard and Olivia having their individual critique in the courtyard of the hostel

Howard and Olivia having their individual critique in the courtyard of the hostel

In the afternoon we had a little free time to shop and eat before our session. A few of us found a little café where Dylan, Marisol and I were able to try a traditional French drink called Citron Presse. I’m pretty sure what they brought us was straight lemon juice, but then we could add water and sugar to make the drink taste how we wanted. It turned out really great and was perfect for how hot it was today.

After our lunch, we all met Howard and took the metro to our next speaker. His name was Gilles Perrin and he is a portrait and documentary photographer. He and his wife Nicole have traveled around the world and taken portraits of the people they meet along the way. He talked to us about some of the theory of photography, but we also had a great discussion about asking people for photographs. Some of us have had trouble in Paris because the French are less likely to allow us to take their picture. They gave us really great advice about having the confidence in ourselves to approach other people in a calm and inviting way.

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The end of this session was a little sad because we had to say goodbye to Darcy. Today was her and Jim’s last day on the trip, so when they got off the metro we waved goodbye until the beginning of the school year. Although we’re excited for our time with Howard, we’re sad to see her go. Thanks for everything Darcy!

Finally, tonight most people just relaxed. A few people stayed back to edit pictures, a group went to the Seine to read and talk and Dylan and I took the metro up to see Moulin Rouge. That area of town is…interesting to say the least, but I’m glad we took our chance to see all the flashing neon signs and, of course, the windmill. In all, besides the heat, today was a great day in Paris that balanced project work, a lecture and a little bit of fun.

The windmill at Moulin Rouge

The windmill at Moulin Rouge


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