Sunday Evening As….One of My Most Memorable Nights Thus Far

Tonight was one of the most memorable nights I have had thus far on this study abroad trip. It all started with the Tour de France this evening. This year was no ordinary year. This year was the tour’s 100th year anniversary and it seemed like everyone in Paris was there with us to enjoy the exceptional occasion. My view was extraordinary and I was able to get some clear shots!


Synchronized plans flew above us during the race and made these beautiful colors in the sky

IMG_2032 IMG_2033

After the Tour de France, three of us headed over to the FNAC live music festival in front of city hall! The combination of wonderful music and French culture made the show wonderful and enchanting. Olivia described it as feeling as though the culture was truly embracing us and that we were finally a part of Paris. An artist that we really connected with was Sophie Hunger whose talent and performance overwhelmed us. Many of her songs are on YouTube and I posted one of my favorites below.

Toward the end of the show, we noticed a group of young people dancing in the fountain. We passed this fountain almost every day but had never seen it so lively and so energetic as we did then. Within an instant, we decided to climb in and join the locals! While we danced together and splashed around to the buoyant music of Jacques Higelin we let ourselves be free and I must say, I have never felt so comfortable and at home in France than in that moment.


Olivia and Katie dancing the fountain


FNAC Live Music Festival in front of city hall!




2 thoughts on “Sunday Evening As….One of My Most Memorable Nights Thus Far

  1. Erin, What an incredible weekend! Seeing the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France, going to to a live music festival (I know you were in heavan 🙂 and dancing in the fountain. You could not have dreamt of a better day and experience!

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