Saturday in Paris

This morning a few of us woke up early to get to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa before the crowd got insane. We ended up walking right past the room she was hanging in so we had to back track, but we saw her. In case anyone was wondering, if you’ve seen a print of the Mona Lisa, then you’ve seen it because it looked exactly the same. Anyway, I thought the floors in most of the museum were very slippery. I was having a hard time refraining from “skating” through the exhibits.

We learned last night on our river cruise that if you spent five seconds looking at each painting in the Louvre, you’d spend two full months there. Four of us only stayed for two hours, but Brittany stayed for the most of the day. Dylan, Andrea, Sarah and I went saw paintings, sculptures, tapestries, things we thought were the crown jewels, armor, Napoleon’s apartment, and the actual crown jewels. We were tired out after just those two hours, so I can only imagine how tired Brittany was when she arrived back at 6:00 for dinner.

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After the museum the four of us went for lunch. Dylan wanted to try a street vendor he saw a couple days ago, but Andrea, Sarah and I wanted to sit down. We found a café on a corner and had a seat. It turns out we sat in a “drinks only” section of the sidewalk and had to move in order to be able to get food. Andrea had a salad, Sarah had an omelet, and I had fries and then chocolate mousse for dessert. The mousse was delish!

After lunch we came back to the hostel and waited for the people cleaning it to finish. I took a nap because I was tired and I wasn’t feeling the greatest. A group tried rent bikes to go see the catacombs but their credit cards didn’t work so they went to see a Lichtenstein exhibit at the pomp a due museum. I’m not entirely sure what everyone else was up to today, but I think everyone enjoyed the day.

We had dinner and then a few of us went to the river and the nearby music festival to work on our projects. I need to talk to people for part of my project, and that is something I struggled with today. I get nervous talking to strangers, especially strangers that I feel like I’m interrupting and strangers that speak another language. I talked to a bartender about the music festival, which went well because I didn’t feel like I was interrupting him too much. He was also a good-looking guy, so that didn’t hurt either. There was also a guy who walked through one of my pictures, and then proceeded to pose in front of my camera, so I took his picture a few times. Then he asked for me to send them to him so I’ll have to do that later.

Those of us who were out working on our projects met back up with everyone at the hostel to go explore the Latin quarter. I had gone to the Latin quarter last night, and was desperately in need of a shower so I stayed back. I needed a night to unwind and just relax anyways because Paris feels pretty nonstop all the time! I started to read a book Kristen just finished about a girl traveling in Paris. It’s exciting because the author mentions places here that we’ve been to, and I can actually picture it or I can write down new places here that we haven’t been yet.
Tomorrow there’s a huge market that opens at 7:30 and the Tour de France is supposed to be coming through tomorrow too, so I’m sure some of us will be representing MSU at both events. Hope everything is going well at home. We miss all of you!

My wifi is not cooperating right now, so if I can, I’ll update this post with a few more pictures from the day a little later!


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