Transforming Beauty into Marble

Guy Burdin, a fashion photographer who shot for French Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Versace and Charles Jourdan offered us the fabulous exhibition “Untouched” in the Espace de Van Gogh. He was daring and radical, two things that cannot be denied my attention. His bizarre fashion photos of the 1970’s with bold concepts, colors, and contrasts enthralled me. It was not until the end of the exhibition that I realized I hadn’t paid any attention to the actual product being sold in his photos. As I read more about him I learned that, “He made it clear as no other photographer before him had done, that we are seduced by the fashion image rather than the product the image promotes.” That he did. He once was quoted, “There is no measure for the infinite Nor time for eternity But I’ll transform beauty into marble That in the blue of the night, of the eternal night Will shine, shine. Immortally.” Near the end of the exhibition a recording of a photo shoot in that blue of the night played on repeat and I found myself mesmerized. In that very moment I watched him turn beauty into marble, those hypnotizing images will never die.



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