Sergio Larrain

Sergio Larrain


– Retrospective

– Église Sainte-Anne

This exhibition is based off of Larrain’s entire career, from his early apprenticeship years to his “Magnum years.” He agreed to display documentary images to freer images and drawings. I enjoyed viewing this exhibition the most because the documentary photos captured my attention. The entire time I knew that he was passionate about what he was taking photos of and wanted every aspect of the subject he was covering. He had a lot of variety throughout his photos that made me want to see more.

I am very interested in photojournalism, and after seeing this exhibition, I am even more passionate about it.  I am conscious about adding variety to my own photos, so this exhibit taught me why that is important. A viewer wants to see life from all different perspectives. He not only has wide shots, but he has medium shots and detailed, close-up shots.

I am interested in the way that Larrain tells stories with his photos as well. He finds emotion on a subject’s face and draws the viewer into the photo. Some say that photojournalism is a dying profession, but Sergio Larrain’s work shows viewers why it absolutely should not be. Larrain’s photos make is seem as though he wanted to show others how the world really is and how he saw it himself. He found a way to make his photos intriguing and almost beautiful even if he was in a developing country.

Not all people can be as confident behind the lens as Sergio Larrain, and I am proud to say that I viewed his photos.



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