Exhibition Review 3

Stephane Couturier and Frederic Nauczyciel #21


This exhibit was called Festival D’Avignon and was done by two photographers. Photography and the Festival of d’Avignon began in the beginning years of the festival using the work of Agnes Varda.  Using her ability to create, the images gave life to theatre. We were able to see the artist’s vision but also the progression of the festival and what work went into it. During the festival in modern times, artists are more inclined to let their creativity flow with new kinds of work. Over four consecutive years (2007-2010) the Festival d’Avignon was transformed into a subject. Over time we are able to see the different visions of each artist on the festival. Each year the festival was revealed in a different way and as a subject changed. The presence of spectators added the dramatic effect the pictures gave. The festival was a melting pot of people, culture and different works of art. I thought this exhibition allowed a change to be seen that signified different artistic visions. I liked how in different photographs there would be spectators and in others there would be none. One particular photo that caught my eye had many different people in it and they were all doing something different because of the different times in each square. I believe the statement the photographers were trying to make in this show was that art, even something as simple as sating up a festival or watching a festival is subjective to the person analyzing it.



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