Exhibition Review 1

Sergio Larrain #01

The first exhibit I chose to review was Sergio Larrain. Larrain was born in Santiago, Chile in 1931 and died in Chile in 2012. He concentrated on people and purity. The Sergio Larrain spent years in the Chilean countryside teaching yoga and focusing on meditation. Larrain spent a lot of time creating books about the state of humanity and what people could do to improve it. Sergio did not exhibit any of his work for a long time due to not wanting to leave social isolation. Towards the end of his life he finally chose to have his work shown. The exhibit took place in Paris and it showcased his entire career. From the his beginning of an apprenticeship to his documentary images. In my opinion I thought the exhibit was about wandering to find fulfillment. In each photograph there were different subjects and it seemed as if the person looking at the photo didn’t quite belong. There were many images of poor people in Santiago and many delinquent children. The photographs showed the social castes of Santiago and how different people in the same city are. The photos ranged from homeless people to middle class people, showing different expressions and different lives. Larrain also displayed the system of Peru and how different it has become since the Inca Empire ended. My favorite photographs were the set that showed men dressed as women and how glamorous they looked even in poverty. I think the exhibition was showing that your means do not dictate your happiness in life.


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