Optic Nerve

Marisol Dorantes

Exhibition: Optic Nerve

Photographer: Arno Rafael Minkkinen

Location: Parc Des Ateliers

Arno Rafael Minkkinen photographs only what the eye can see so that his exhibit lacks any manipulation. The lack of doctoring in his photographs is a an important element to his collection because it adds mystery and interest to his work. Minkkinen creates amazing abstractions with his own body in dynamic backgrounds, creating both a quietness and loudness about his pictures.

Optic Nerve follows a format of black and white prints with a white frame that blends into the clean white walls. The simple way that the compilation is showcased allows the images to flow very easily into and out of each other. The aesthetic of Minkkinen’s work is consistent throughout all the elements in his photographs because everything becomes the subject, the background and the foreground are equally important. I felt that the ebb and flow of the pictures are important to the eerie feel of what look like dislocated and lone limbs.

Minniken shows the solidarity of being a photographer, especially in his auto portraits The connection that he makes with a viewer follows a musical pattern. Looking at the photographs they start out calming and soft, this is especially true of his hand, pen and water photograph. The longer one stares at something as beautiful and still as a hand writing in water, disturbing nuancces begin to emerge, The unnatural stillness of his images start dialogue about the meaning of his work and the process.

I found Minkkinen’s show successful because when I was taking in his work I could not think of anything other than the images in front of me.

Auto portrait of Minkkinen's hand rising from the bottom

Auto portrait of Minkkinen’s hand rising from the bottom



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