Moving On and Half Way There

Today we moved on to a city most of us have only heard of in stories and seen in photographs. Today we took on Paris! After the long haul of luggage from our hostel to the train station, we took a 4 hour ride to Paris anticipating another chapter to the greatest adventure of our lives.  The train ride was long but, as usual, we all kept each other in good company whether we were laughing with each other or sleeping with headphones in our ears.

Dylan was so tired his glasses were crooked. He wasn't alone

Dylan was so tired his glasses were crooked. He wasn’t alone

Once we arrived we were absolutely ecstatic and ready to take on the city before us! Paris is beautiful and impressive. There is so much culture to take in and so much to see that we were overwhelmed with joy.

“I have only been in Paris for a few hours and I can honestly say that this is the happiest I have ever been.”

–        Amber Taylor

Arriving at our hostel was the cherry atop our excitement! Not only was the hostel gorgeous and our rooms extraordinary; it was in a great location that placed us right in the middle of the city’s action and culture. This hostel was by far the nicest and most notable hostel we have stayed in on our trip so far and we were so excited to make it home. We were also told that we would receive breakfast and dinner which would be prepared for us in advance each day! This was most appealing seeing that Paris is very expensive although I don’t know how well it will keep us from famous French pastries.

IMG_1848 IMG_1850 IMG_1857


After we all were settled in, Professor Bossen came to the hostel and joined the trip! We followed him to the apartment that he and his wife shared and in the kitchen we encountered an immaculate table spread with fine cheeses, meats, breads and garnishes for dinner. The meal was delicious and it was a great pair to his orientation of what we were to expect on our journey in Paris.

Leaving Professor Bossen’s apartment bellies full, we decided to explore the area and find out what was happening in the city! We followed the Seine River to see monuments we had only heard stories about such as the Notre Dame and the lock bridge. After seeing these things, we realized that all of the stories were not said in vain. From every angle the Notre Dame was more magnificent and with every lock, our hearts grew fuller.

IMG_1873 IMG_1864

IMG_1876 IMG_1878 IMG_1872


For the first day in Paris, I think we all could say that we were captivated and have fallen in love. Although this day marks the half-way point of our trip, we are now even more anxious and thrilled to experience what else Paris has to offer us.


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