Hiroshi Sugimoto ‘Revolution’

Gabrielle Wickens

Hiroshi Sugimoto ‘Revolution’

Hiroshi’s concept was the most unusual one I came across at my time in Arles, his focus was on out of body experiences and his story at the start of the exhibition explained that when he was young he used to have dreams of being outside of his body and watching himself sleep and he hadn’t experience it in a long time until he was getting a shot like the horizon ones in his exhibit. I thought it was a little bit of a crazy idea since I have never had an experience like that but his photos do as good of a job as I could imagine in trying to portray it. The whole exhibition was 10 photos and they were all horizon pictures in black and white with 8 of the turned the vertical way. It was hard for me at first to understand what the photos were but after you realize they are all enchanting in a way and you stand there for a few minutes at each.

This exhibition taught me that sometimes the idea of a body of work could be something much deeper than the obvious answer. These photos would have been interesting on their own but knowing what was going on with the photographer during the making of them changes how the viewer feel about a photo.

The photograph that caught my eye the most at this exhibition was, in my opinion, the most simplistic photograph of the ten. Many of the photos had lights streaking through them but this one was just half black and half dark grey with a moon of the one thirds line. Is was so simple that you had to really look to see the differences in it and see that it wasn’t just black.Image


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