Guy Bourdin ‘Untouched’

Gabrielle Wickens

This exhibition was about Guy’s work as a fashion photographer but focused on his black and white work that was not well known during his own time. The exhibition had many parts to it, the first memorable one was “The Polaroid’s of Guy Bourdin” and these photos were not his work they were his personal photos and the feeling  I got while looking at them really made me think about how his life was rather than his job and that was an interesting feeling compared to the rest of his work, they made me put my self into his shoes and realize this was something he really experienced rather than a set up shot and made me imagine myself in his shoes rather than in the shoes of the subject. Another part that caught my interest was a series of photographs that a woman just recently found and printed onto cardboard and she was very surprised by the result of them, they were beautiful black and white shots by Guy that were never developed. My favorite part of his work that was shown would have to have been “A message for you” which was a slide show of  his photographs of one woman that was a series for French Vogue and they were all so intriguing. They photos played around a lot with different things and were clearly a lot of work because in many of them they had photos in the photos and he played around a lot with using shots of just her legs or photos that focused on her legs but they were all incredible.

This exhibition taught me a lot about fashion photography. I loved the angles he used and the lighting and the positions of the models. I’ve looked at magazines before but these photos were much more high end and intriguing and caused me to analyze the photos in a different way and will help me to continue to analyze fashion photography in a new way.

The most memorable photo for me was one that came from “A message for you” and it was the subject, Nicolle Meyer, walked down a sidewalk and only her legs were in the photo but there were two photos of her face looking at each other that were crumpled up and her feet were in between them. This photo caught my eye because I had never seen anything like it and I knew that to think up that shot you had to be very creative.



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