Sunday Funday

Today was a much needed relaxing day in Arles. We have critique tomorrow and there was a lot of editing today, so this blog post will be pretty uneventful. Early this morning some of the group went to a cemetery, while others enjoyed sleeping in. Today we ventured into the coliseum which is approximately 50 feet from our hostel.


The temperature today was by far the best we’ve had in Arles, leggings were finally acceptable to wear. Some of us also ventured to the kebab place we went to for Marisol’s birthday a few nights ago and it was delicious.Image

We also ventured to a crepe restaurant directly next to our hostel for dinner. The Nutella and caramel dessert crepe was delectable. After dinner we all worked on finishing our Arles project. I experimented with light writing this week and was genuinely surprised at how long it took to get a good shot. Here’s a look at a sample of the shoot I attempted: Image

Anyways, we leave for Paris on Tuesday which is going to be super exciting! But for now it’s back to finishing the Arles project. Toodles! 



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