Dylan Sowle

Vincent Fillon’s Interspace

At the Parc des Ateliers

Part of the exhibition’s Young Talent series, Vincent Fillon was invited to the festival this year as one of only four participants. This series is meant to encourage younger photographers and allow them access to the prestigious event. Although at 36 years old, the Parisian artist obviously has had time to practice his craft.


Vincent Fillon’s photos displayed in a room with the other Young Talent artists.

The theme for the Young Talent series was ‘Photography and Manipulation’, and Fillon’s work explored that concept through the use of interior landscapes. The photos are confusing because you are simultaneously seeing the building from two different perspectives. By layering two photographs of the same space, but from two separate angles, an impossible new dimension is created. Walls and windows become partially transparent, and corners and walls no longer block the vision of the viewer.


Manipulation and Photography was the theme for the Young Talent artists.

Fillon uses a very simple technique in each photo, by layering one over another; but the precise angles that he chooses are what causes the bizarre yet strangely natural viewpoints. I found the photos to be somewhat calming, because they allow us to see a space in a way that would never be possible. The limits of human eyes are broken down by these images and we can explore our world in an entirely new way.

Although there were only four photographs in the exhibit, my favorite image was one with yellow lines running straight through a wall, extending to the back of the frame. This photo definitely made me stop and think for the longest, trying to understand what I was looking at. If Fillon is considered a young artist, it’s exciting to think what he will be doing in the future.


Vincent Fillon’s work.


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