Les glorieux – Marion Gronier

Elizabeth Izzo

Les glorieux – Marion Gronier

Location: Salle Henri Comte

The description of this exhibit on the Arles in Black website is quite confusing. I was confused about its description while I was viewing it as well. The artist seems to talk about the relationship between the human body and the face. She discusses the idea of a mask of the human body breaking and the face lacking all emotion. She also mentions the transformation of conscious objects into lost ones.

Honestly, it was all a little over my head. I don’t know if it was just the language barrier (perhaps there was something lost in translation) or if I just didn’t understand what the artist meant. Regardless, I found the exhibit interesting.

Circus performers.

Circus performers.

The exhibit displayed portraits of circus performers. All of the subjects were in costume, but they were expressionless. All of the photos were in square frames: some were matted and others were not. I wondered what the significance was between the two different displays.

There was a video that played in the exhibit as well. It had behind the scenes footage from the photo shoots and the first gallery opening. It was interesting to see the makeshift studio that was used and the artist’s reaction to the installation.

I thought the exhibit was interesting especially since the artist focused on faces being expressionless. The contrast between the extravagant costumes and blank faces was incredible to me. I did a self portrait project at the end of the semester that dealt with similar subject matter, so this exhibit spoke to me in a way that it might not have to other people.

Top photo: Boy with the sad, beautiful eyes

Top photo: Boy with the sad, beautiful eyes

I found it intriguing the way that each person lacked emotion in a different way. Some looked sad, others angry. There was a boy about my age that looked beautiful in his show make up. Normally guys in make up make don’t make me think beautiful, but his eyes conveyed sadness in such a beautiful way.



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