À Fonds Perdus (Faded Out) – Raynal Pellicer

Elizabeth Izzo

À Fonds Perdus (Faded Out) – Raynal Pellicer (curator)

Location: Atelier des Forges, Parc des Ateliers

This exhibit was about editing photos for press before the digital era and Photoshop arrived. It included photos with crop marks drawn on them, clothes colored over, limbs removed, and backgrounds whited-out. It also had some “before and after” photos. Frames were attached perpendicularly to the wall. One side of the frame held the original photo with its notes and edits on it, and the other side of the frame held the newspaper clipping it was published in and how it looked after it was edited.

I learned a great deal about editing at this exhibit. I guess I was pretty naïve to think that photos weren’t edited much for newspapers. It makes sense though, as stated in the artist statement, that dark and distracting backgrounds were taken out to keep the layout of the paper light. I found it interesting that many edits were the result of just drawing over the photo.


After and before.

After and before.

One of my favorite photos was of a man and woman hugging that got edited to just the man’s face. What I loved best was the way that the ink that covered the woman’s face in the photo. It appears almost like hair covering her eyes with the way that the brush strokes stops under her eyes. It kills whatever sentimental moment was occurring and focuses only on the man’s face. I wonder if it had anything to do with the more male dominated society in the past. No matter what, I enjoyed the exhibit. I feel like I have a better understanding of where Photoshop came from now.



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