Just your typical Friday in the Roman Ruins

Today, we each started our morning meeting with Darcy showing her the progression of our projects since the last time we talked. Everyone has made a serious dent in their project in a short time. Afterward, we planned our day trip to the beach town of Cassis on the Mediterranean Sea which we will get on an early train for at 7:45 tomorrow morning. Then we hit the streets, did a little shopping and shooting until we came upon the Roman Ruin called The baths of Emperor Constantine where we went in to shoot for our Arles and Roman Ruins project. Image

Later in the day everyone split into a few different groups to go view some exhibitions. One was Erik Kessels’ Album Beauty and 24HRS of Photos.  Eric had some beautiful and unique photos, the Album of Beauty almost had a feel of a life size scrap book. Image

The 24 hours of photos was also incredible. It was a large room with a hill of scattered pictures that were all taken in the span of 24 hours. We even saw a worker grab a hand full, look through them and toss them back in where ever and however they landed, face up or down. It was almost an art piece made of photos rather than an exhibit of actually looking at certain photographs. Image

Tonight we are all cooking dinner, hanging out in the hostel and preparing for our early morning and long, exciting day tomorrow.


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