The first critique and last day in Prague

Much to our displeasure, we had to go to school at 9:30 again this morning after our leisurely weekend. On top of that, it was our first critique day. After eight days of shooting in Prague, it was time to present our photos not only to the class, but also to Darcy and Markéta. A lot of us were nervous because we had no idea what to expect, but the whole experience went smoothly. Everyone’s projects turned out really well and we all got some positive feedback. It was cool after eight days of walking around and shooting to see what other people had been noticing and the concepts they had for their projects.

But the best part of the critique was what came after. Markéta took our group to a place where the locals eat to get traditional Czech food. I got the goulash and it was absolutely amazing. I know other people loved what they got, but it was great to try good, authentic food the day before we left.

Goulash and dumplings

Goulash and dumplings


After that, Elizabeth, Dylan, Sarah and I ventured off to go shopping and visit the Jewish quarter while the rest of the group napped, washed their clothes and caught up other things before we left.


While the rest of us got postcards and other trinkets to remember Prague by, Dylan bought shoes. And not just any shoes, red and gold long-toed dress shoes. They are perfect for him, and he even ended up wearing them to our last dinner tonight. Since he dressed up, us girls—of course—had to pose for some photos with him.


We all ate together for our last dinner and then headed over the the Charles bridge for a group photo shoot. Brittany had presented some nighttime long exposure pictures at the critique, so we took some of the group. Looking out at the beautiful buildings reflected onto the river was the perfect way to end our last day in Prague.


Although I’m sad that our time in Prague is done, I know that Arles will be a whole different adventure. We created so many memories here, and hopefully the thousands of pictures we took will remind us of the sights, the laughter and bonds we created here in Prague.


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