Thousands of steps, hundreds of photos and a goulash later, tonight is our final night in Prague. It’s strange to think that a city so original and so far away could become a place called home. Even stranger still that we’ve become accustomed to our newfound way of life here.


I never expected to have such an attachment to Prague’s copper-toned rooftops, candy-colored castles and cobblestone streets.  This city, though full of tradition and rich history, also has an extremely youthful vibe. Crowds of young adults can be seen and heard all throughout the night as they roam past castles and cathedrals hundreds of years old. Sprinklings of graffiti decorate medieval style wooden doors and traditional czech restaurants are hidden between commercial food joints. Everywhere you look you encounter the perfect combination of modernism and tradition.




It has been such a unique experience these past eight days and I can’t help, but think about how much I’ll miss the scent of klobásas, the constant temptation of gelato and the long walks through the Czech streets to class.  And, it’s safe to say that I’ll miss hearing the war of consonants that is the Czech language shouted from the mouths of locals until 6 in the morning. So, for now, it’s “rozloučení.” Farewell to Prague as we start phase 2 of our journey. I’m so thankful to be granted moments I’ll never forget.



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