Sunday Fun-Day!

As the weekend began to wind down, Sunday morning began with plans to attend the Bone Church located in Kutna Hora for some of us, while the rest of us continued to shoot and edit final photos for our first projects.

As for me, I took a trip to the Jewish Cemetery, which was established back in the first half of the 15th century. The cemetery is one of the most memorable and important historic sites in Prague’s Jewish Town. It contains about 12,000 tombstones¬†and many layers of persons who were buried under the several layers of soil that was continuously added to enlarge the cemetery. After many years of burial, it is said that the older tombstones were raised to the top layers giving the cemetery the beautiful yet saddening look it contains. The cemetery was used for burial until 1787.


Many famous Jewish scholars, rabbis and historians are buried in the cemetery including Judah Leow ben Bezalel, a well-known teacher and religious scholar.

Many people paid the small fee to walk around the cemetery and synagogues surrounding it. Photos or video were not allowed in the synagogues, which included artwork that was drawn by people showing what life was like living in the ghetto. Another synagogue involved the names of the many people who were buried in the cemetery. The names filled the walls of almost four rooms, which were the rooms of the entire synagogue.


After reaching the cemetery, many people took photos and took time to look at the tombstones. Before departing, I took photos of a family who mourned the sorrowful sight of how close and layered the tombstones were.



Going to the cemetery, I learned more about the Jewish culture of Prague and how emotional the burial process was for families in the 15th century.

At the end of the day, we all came together and worked on last minute finishing touches on our projects and headed to bed.


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