The Knowledge Comes To Us

This morning wasn’t like every other morning. Part of that reason is because that we are all in Prague, it still is very unreal at times. However, the wonderful treat this morning is that Darcy was able to have class with us in our hostel. This may not sound like a big deal, but any extra time that we are able to sleep in we greatly appreciate it.


Today we were about to learn more about the different settings on our cameras and how to use what we have been talking about to make more purposeful choices when composing a photograph. The four best friends to know about in photography are aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and the intensity of the light. We were able to do a workshop with these settings in our hostel to see the difference they make.


After class was over, we signed up for fifteen minute time slots for tomorrow to meet with Darcy to discuss our photography so far. We also found out, that on Monday, we will be having our work critiqued by Markéta Luskacová and Libuse JarcovjákováThis is something we all found really intimidating, but are excited for at the same time.

Following class, a group of five of us accompanied Darcy to the Communist Museum. While we were there we learned a lot about the history of the Czech Republic and the trials and tribulations this country went through just in the last one hundred years. It was very interesting to see the vast number of changes that this country has gone through not so long ago. It really helped wrap up what the speakers, all of whom were Czech, had talked about and give more context and background to their stories. In the museum they had artifacts, pictures, and a short film. The pictures and artifacts had captions in six different languages. To find English, we simply looked for the British flag.


The other group members left, and Darcy and myself were able to find our way to some really interesting statues made by David Cerny and Wenceslas Square. It was so interesting to see the different architectural styles from the different time periods.


On the way back to the loft, I saw some familiar faces out of a window that were yelling my name.


In observance of the fourth of July, the group had decided to eat at this American themed restaurant. We saw this place since the first day and were intrigued from the beginning.


With the food finished, some of us headed back to the hostel to quickly retrieve some things, and some joined the rest of the group that went to the Salvador Dalí museum. We took some photos and then moved on to separate things.


Later, four of us went to eat at a place and all got pizza. It was delicious. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.


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