Day 5… But it’s July 4th.

Since we didn’t have to go to school this morning, I think we all enjoyed sleeping in a little bit longer than normal.  I think I woke up at 8:30 instead of 7:15… it was pretty nice.  Darcy came to our hostel this morning and we had a little camera lesson and signed up for our one-on-one critiques tomorrow.  During that time we’ll go through some of our pictures that we’ve taken for our architecture photography project.  I have yet to fully settle on a topic, so that will be interesting.

Dylan, Marisol, Mandy and I all headed in the opposite direction that we would normally go – East!  We explored and went past Svatý Petr and kept going under the highway until we found a pawn shop where Marisol found, what I think is a German bellows camera – for just over $30!! It was an exciting find!  We worked our way back and met up with some more of the group.




Since it was the 4th of July, we wanted to celebrate somehow.  We ended up going to a place just down the street from the hostel – The Crazy Cow Steakhouse.  As funny as we thought it would be, it fit with our American theme.  Most of us had a burger of some sort and mine was called “La Tarantula burger with bacon, red onion and BBQ sauce.”  I’m really hoping that was just a fancy name for a spicy burger.  We all loved the glass we used, too.  They had the word ‘milk’ in a bunch of different languages.


After eating lunch (again around 3 or so) we headed off to the Salvador Dalí exhibit in Old Time Square.  I remember learning a little bit about him in one of my Art Classes in high school, so I knew what to expect – somewhat.  It was really amazing to think that he actually painted the pictures we saw today.  That behind that thin piece of glass lay paper that was once under the hands of a famous artist.  While I still can’t comprehend how he came up with the majority of his images, most of them are pretty great.  Personally, I think of Dalí as an older artist.  But his work was in the early to mid 1900’s!! Some of his work had gold glitter adding some definition to the drawings/paintings – and in my mind I found it hard to think of glitter being around then!  But I don’t know that much about this history of glitter!  As someone who dabbles in sketch I kept focusing on the kinds of techniques he must have used.  I marveled at how thin some of the line work was in a lot of his sketches – questioning if he possibly sprayed his work with water to let the pens’ colors bleed slightly.  Going to this exhibit was definitely the highlight of the day – I’m very glad we put it on our “Czech List” after our first day in Prague!


We wandered around a bit before stopping to get gelato at a shop just a block away from our hostel – score!  After taking linguistics and other language relationship classes (for my minor) I’m more interested than ever in language differences in pronunciation, etc.  So I’m practicing some Czech words for the flavors!  (the waiter thought it was funny that I wanted him to correct me if I said it wrong and was very nice in helping me correct my pronunciation of one of the flavors).  On the way back to the hostel we even helped a fellow tourist with directions! Imagine that!! It’s day 5 and you can definitely tell that we’re more comfortable around the city.  And while we may not know the exact direction (North, etc.) that we’re heading, we know how to maneuver the streets to get where we need to go!

Happy 4th back in the States!!


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