Dalí and the Floor

When we first arrived in Prague and were exploring the Old Town Square, someone pointed out a Salvador Dalí exhibit that looked interesting. Today, we finally Czeched it out.

We had some trouble getting into the exhibit because none of us had exact change, and the cashier selling tickets was out of the 10 crown piece she needed to give us for change. We got it all sorted out and walked into a wonderful scene. Everyone was enthralled with Dalí’s pieces, and I was ecstatic about the floor.

My idea for our architecture project this week has to do with wood floors with a chevron pattern. The floor in the lounge in our hostel inspired me yesterday, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere to photograph besides the lounge. But luck was on my side today, so while most of my peers were walking around surveying the paintings on the wall, I was laying on the floor surveying its scuffs.

Chevron patterned floor

Chevron patterned floor

I’m sure it sounds crazy, and I’m sure I looked crazy, but as Amber pointed out, I’m a photography student: I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do in order to get the shot. She’s right, and after a little while I stopped feeling silly about laying on the ground to get my photo. Honestly, I don’t know where else I’ll find a chevron floor and the chances of me seeing anyone I saw today again are slim.

Let’s hope I got the shots I need, otherwise I will be back tomorrow with another 90 crowns in my pocket! Happy Fourth of July everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day!


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