The secret to photography

The last day of photographer lecturers in Prague was today and it was truly as motivational as it was instructive. Since our arrival to Prague, Markéta Luskacova, one of the most renowned photographers in the Czech Republic, has been acting as host to our study abroad group. The first time I met her was when she met a few of us at the airport. From the start Markéta was kind and excited about showing us around her country, it wasn’t until today that many facets to our wonderful host really shown through. 

Markéta presented her work to our class and while it was aesthetically astounding photography, the lesson went above and beyond composition. Markéta’s style of shooting, as she put it, “is only what she loves and likes,” which have made for some of her projects like her mask work to go on for years.  It seemed as if we were all truly touched and inspired by Markéta’s images, experiences and advice. Her personal stories and vivid memories are incredible to listen to but what truly left an impression was how her images evoke the same feeling of awe that her spoken words did.
Libuse Jarcovjáková is another widely recognized photographer that we had the privilege to listen to. Her work was just as profound as Markéta’s but the body of work was completely different. Libuse gave us a history lesson of the Czech Republic and the turmoil and the suffering that the country has experienced translates clearly through her work. Libuse’s work is also very personal, the images were beautiful and haunting no matter the format. What we took away from the lesson is priceless: the most important part of good photography is the photographer not the tool nor the circumstances. 

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