Day three and it feels like a century.

Today we started off the day by going to get the free breakfast provided to us at the hostel. Afterwhich, we all met downstairs to journey to class for the first time by ourselves. The good news, is we made it in one piece. In class today we learned about documentary photography and really were lucky to see some incredible photos from a time that is no longer with us. It also introduced us to more of the history of the Czech Republic. We were also able to individually meet with Darcy today to talk about the idea we had for our project. Now, we all have ideas set and are looking forward to start focusing more on our individual topics.

After class was over, we all went to the Lennon wall. It was so beautiful. While we were there, there were two guitarists that took turns playing. They were both very talented and a nice addition to the scene.


Following that, we stumbled across a mini fence that had locks attached to it. It was very photographic and a nice, unexpected find.


Eventually, we found the “Before I Die…” wall and all wrote on it. Some of us wrote serious things, while others included hilarious things that kept spirits bright.


Our adventure continued, as we made our way to the dancing building and photographed other beautiful buildings and statues along the way.


After the dancing building, the group split up. Some of us started to venture back toward the hostel, but instead found a wonderful market. We bought fruit and enjoyed the atmosphere and then decided to make our way to an underground market.

While we were there, we bought some food for later, but the most exciting thing for us were the escalators that hadn’t any stairs that went into the second floor basement of the market.


After that adventure was over, we came back to the hostel.

The general consensus among the group is that we feel like we are running out of time, but in reality we still have a week here. We are all very happy that we are getting to enjoy ourselves, and that the days are not going by too quickly. We are also become more and more familiar with the city, which is a pleasant surprise.


1 thought on “Day three and it feels like a century.

  1. I’m enjoying the blog. I am familiar with Prague but did not know about the Lennon wall. By the way, do you know what the keys are a symbol for?

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