And we thought the clock tower was bad…

Let me explain the reasoning behind this title, before you think we aren’t enjoying ourselves… because we are! Promise!  Last night, the majority of us went up to the top of the clock tower in Old Town Square to take some sunset/late night photographs.  There were 100-some steps to get to the main part of the tower and the rest was a ramp and a small spiral staircase.  At this point, this was the most steps the majority of us had climbed so far in Prague.  After the sky was getting darker, I figured I would try changing my white balance to tungsten and see what would happen.  Consensus – it worked really well!!!  After suggesting it, I think a couple people in the group tried it, too – and voila!! It creates a blue hour effect – when it wasn’t the blue hour, yet, on the western horizon!!

Jizni vez katedraly sv. Vita

Jizni vez katedraly sv. Vita

As for today, we thought going up into the clock tower took forever… but that was nothing compared to the Prague Castle’s tower.  In the photograph above, we climbed up to the last tan section.  There was a small spiral staircase – I would guess with a diameter of not quite 5 feet, so if you passed someone you had hardly any space to get around them.

IMG_9408-001I lost track around 300 steps… and those things were steep.  We were dying.  But it led us to an amazing view!!


After awhile we climbed back down, carefully keeping our balance and guarding our cameras, and headed off in search of the vineyard… and a restaurant. After all, we’d worked up an appetite! Our tables were right under a latrice on the vineyard.  We all had varying kinds of paninis and they were delicious!

After splitting the group up further, some of us worked our way back to the hostel, with a quick stop at a gelato stand… It was sad, because most everyone else had already gotten some other days and it was only my first gelato – it’s already day 4!!! Anyway, now it’s time to rest our sore feet and REALLY look at the photos we all took today!  Right this moment dinner is being made and our personal jester is gazing out the window.


Until next time!


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