What do you want to do before you die?

Going to Paris has been on my bucket list since I was 13 years old. A few years ago I discovered a show called The Buried Life. In the show four best friends go across America crossing things off their list and help strangers do the same. After I started watching the show, I started my own list: the “I Never” list.

My “I Never” list is similar to a bucket list in the way that it contains things that I want to accomplish before I die. However, it’s also different from a bucket list in the way that it contains things that I’ve done that weren’t originally on my list. For example, one of my friends accidentally (and softly) backed his car into me as I was walking around the back of it to get in. I never had any intention of being hit car (if you can really call it being hit by a car, it was really more of a tap), but I decided to put it on the list and cross it off anyway!

The point of this story is that in the last three days I have crossed off and added things to my “I Never” list that I never thought would be possible. Prague was never on my list, and to be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about coming here the same way that I was about Paris and London. I was naive and wrong to feel that way because Prague is amazing. Everyone I talked to about this trip prior to coming said that Prague was beautiful and their favorite city in Europe. It’s easy to see why that’s the case, and I’m thinking that at the end of this I might feel the same way. This is why my list is an “I Never” list, not a bucket list. For some reason it feels like cheating to me if I would add something to a bucket list after I did it just so I could cross it off. It may sound silly but my “I Never” list lets me feel free and lets me grow.

Today we saw the “Before I die…” wall along the river. It was filled with people’s wishes and dreams. We added our own with the chalk that was provided and took lots of pictures, of course. I was thrilled to see the wall, because the idea of a bucket list (or something similar to it) is important to me. It’s interesting to me to hear other people’s bucket list items. I think it can capture the essence of a person in a way that pictures and writing can’t. You get to see people light up and you get hear the passion in their voices as they tell you their biggest hopes and dreams, and to me that is incredible.


“Before I die…” wall



Amber writing on the wall


Courtesy of Andrea Raby.

My bucket list item.
Courtesy of Andrea Raby.

Yesterday I asked our guest speaker what she wanted to do before she died. I think she was taken aback because she seemed reluctant to answer. She said before she answered that it was a very personal question, and I’m still worried that I crossed a boundary that I shouldn’t have crossed by asking it. She eventually answered by saying, “I want to make as many people happy as I can.” I liked her answer, and hopefully she didn’t mind telling me.

I’m living one of the biggest list items I’ve ever had right now. I’m traveling Europe and taking pictures with my friends. I am beyond blessed and can only hope that I will have the opportunity to cross off more items soon.

Now it’s your turn. What do you want to do before you die?


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