Seeing the light

As the second day of our Prague adventure wraps up it feels like we’ve been here for at least a week. The fascinating sights are endless and beautiful enough to distract from the cobblestone roads that fight back against our pounding feet. At 9 a.m. Darcy lead us to our school, Stredni Prumyslova Skola Graficka, and although we are expected to do this on our own tomorrow we followed a bit distractedly, awed by every sight.

At the school we had a lecture on architectural photography by photographer, Andrea Thiel Lhotáková. Lhotáková’s beautifully composed architectural photographs were the perfect lesson on how to bring life to a structure and a wonderful inspiration for our first assignment. There is no lack of material for a beautiful photograph in Prague but as Darcy keeps telling us, “We don’t want postcards.”  The biggest challenge will be creating feeling not finding a subject. 

After our lecture we set out to practice what we learned from Lhotáková and the workshop that followed. At home practice mainly consists of applying techniques on everyday subjects but here, we were lead into a fairy tale setting. Stepping through an impressive stone portal, decorated in intricate painting, a fertile garden hid from street view. The pristine area rises above the city so that an unexpected and breath taking view encases the visitors. Instantly we all began hungrily snapping away at what looked like a painting; we also began to become more familiar with our cameras, the size of the city and the endless possibilities for our light and shape project. 


Amber Taylor is serious about her parallel planes as she shoots the painting on the ceiling of the garden entrance


The Prague gardens have the perfect compositional elements for practicing the capture of shape and light


It was interesting to see just how meticulous the process of caring for these aesthetic marvels is

The diverse point of views in the group and the inspiring landscape will no doubt yield amazing compositions. 


The 2013 photo communication study abroad group at the top of the garden


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