And so it begins.

On June 30, we all arrived in Prague at various times throughout the day. The cab ride from the airport was long but enjoyable, partly because the city may be one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever seen, but also, four of us had the best taxi driver. He talked about the city, where to go and eat, the NBA, and music.

Upon arrival we were checked into the rooms of our hostel. Between all of us, we occupy four units: a six, four, and two three bedroom units. However, Dylan has his own room in one of the three bedroom rooms. The lofts are very nice with hardwood floors and are very neat.


After arriving and checking in, we were able to explore the city in small groups. For the most part, this included us gawking at all the incredible architecture.

At around 3:00p.m. here, we all had arrived at the hostel and headed over to Darcy’s flat. She lives in a picturesque, second-story flat that is sparkling with charm. We all gathered inside the livingroom and kitchen to make sandwiches out of this delicious bread Darcy bought for us, along with different cheeses, basil, tomatoes,  pickled cucumbers, and more.


Following dinner, we had an orientation where we went over our syllabus and expectations for the trip. However, the biggest treat was celebrating Erin’s birthday. Markéta Luskacova, an internationally known photographer and our Czech host, had bought an amazing cake and butter cookies for all of us.


Afterwards,  the group split up. Some of us went back to the flat to catch up on sleep, while others explored the city while taking pictures. Overall, it is easy to see that this trip is going to be one that will never leave our minds.


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